October 12th is World Arthritis Day!!!!

It is also the day eight years ago we first heard the words, Mackenzie has Juvenile Poly-Arthritis and we were referred to a Pediatric Rheumatologist where a month later we received her full diagnosis.  Our lives have been forever impacted since that day eight years ago.  We have celebrated some very amazing ups and cried, screamed, and loved through some very big downs but through it all Mackenzie has proved that she is 100% Warrior!

Today on this World Arthritis Day, please take a few minutes to learn more about arthritis.  It's not just an old persons disease (300,000 kids in the US have been diagnosed with arthritis) and it's not just about achy joints.  There are so many types of arthritis and each one is different than the other and so is the treatment.  

Please take some time to do something kind for someone today as you never know what silent battles they are fighting and if you are able, please join our 2020 Jingle Bell Run team and Jingle with us this December where you are for a Cure!!!!  You can join our team or make a donation by following this link:





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