So exciting to go out to the mailbox and find envelopes addressed to Mackenzie’s Sidekicks and find them filled with recipes.  We have had several people mail their recipes in to us and we have begun the design of the cookbook.  As of now we are pretty certain that we have finalized the Cookbook Title, the overall style (soft cover, hard cover, binding style, etc.), the category dividers designs and the main page designs.

Thank you so much to everyone that have already sent in your recipes and for those still working on them we are anxiously awaiting your treasured recipes.  If you haven’t yet received a letter from us or aren’t on any of our current mailing lists and would like to participate in the cookbook or simply reserve yourself a copy of the cookbook, please look under the Files section of this website for more information.

Again, thank you everyone for your continued support!  The cookbook is getting off to a great start and we couldn’t do it without all of your help.