Today Mackenzie is giving a presentation to the entire 1st grade at her school.  The Arthritis Foundation through it’s Kids Get Arthritis Too website created a beautiful PowerPoint presentation for kids to use to educate others about Juvenile Arthritis.  They are able to customize the presentation to fit them and their audience.

Last night we spent some time practicing the presentation.  She made adjustments to the presentation to make it easier for her to read or to fit her personality.  It was really fun to watch her grow just through the preparation of the presentation.  When we left school yesterday and she had just found out she was doing the presentation today, she was really upset and worried (the point of a few tears).  But as we talked about it more and started trying to put her fear into perspective she discovered that giving the presentation wasn’t nearly as scary as her quarterly blood draws are.  Then as she read through the presentation and adjusted it to make her own she got more and more excited and less and less worried.  Last night at bedtime she went through the presentation for her daddy and when she was done he asked her if she was excited.  Her response was “do you remember the glass of milk you gave me at dinner? Do you remember how much milk there was?  (there was just below half a glass).  Well the part that was milk, I am that much scared.  The other part, I am that excited”  This morning I asked her again.  This time her response was made using her orange juice glass.  It has pictures of oranges with the leaves on them on it.  She pointed to the very top of the decoration and the top of the glass and said “See this leaf?   I am excited all the way up to it and only scared this little part above it”.  There was about a half inch of space above the leaf.

When Mackenzie is done giving her presentation today she and I will be introducing a fundraising challenge to the first grade classes.  Next week in school they will be holding a Penny Wars.  All of the money collected during the Penny Wars will be credited to Mackenzie for her Walk to Cure Arthritis goal.  We are also hoping to get the rest of the elementary involved during the lunch periods next week by having them donate to their favorite first grade teacher/classroom.  This is a super exciting time for Mackenzie and we are truly blessed to have such an amazing school and supportive staff to work with there.