Today is Christmas Day!

Mackenzie and family had  a fun and exhausting Christmas Day celebration.  Christmas started with church service on Christmas Eve with Grandma Kenny then dinner before heading off to bed so Santa could come.  Christmas morning started around 8:00am with excitement over seeing Stuffy and Lambie from the show Doc McStuffins peeking out of the girls stockings.  When we asked Paige if Santa came as she looked at all the gifts wrapped up under the tree her answer was no.  But after pointing out numerous presents that had suddenly appeared overnight and her loaded stocking, she changed her mind.

Both girls were spoiled by Santa, Mom and Dad, Grandma Kenny, Aunt Peggy, and cousins Rob, Kathy, Derek, Sandra and Scott.   There were Legos, LeapPads and games, Doc McStuffins check up stations and accessories, dress up clothes, Little People, Games, My Little Pony, a remote control Minnie Mouse car, and clothes and hair bows.

Tomorrow brings more celebration as we get together with Grandma Kenny again and are joined by the girls Uncle Dan, Aunt Tammy, and cousins Josh and Lauren.  The girls are very excited.  And there will still be even more to come when we get together with Proefrock family on January 3rd.

We hope everyone else had a truly magical, memorable and Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!


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