It's back to school for our hero!!!!  Hard to believe she is in Fifth Grade!!!!  This year definitely started out very strange.  This picture is from her first day of school.  This year she and her sister are doing a hybrid style school due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Monday through Wednesday all of her school is done online and at home.  She has several Zoom meetings with teachers and then she has assignments to complete through out the day in ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies.  

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Thursday was the first day back to school in person.  This was the best day of the week for our girl!  She was so excited to finally get back to the physical classroom after a 160 day "break" due to the pandemic.  This was also a big day as it was the first day in her new school in our new hometown in North Carolina.  So not only was it the first day of the school year but also the first day in the new school.  

We are very happy with the new schools procedures and handling of the current health situation.  The class sizes are very small (Mackenzie only has five kids total in her class when she is in the classroom).  The staff does a great screening before kids are even allowed into the building (parents/students must answer some health questions and the kids have their temp taken before they are allowed to get out of their car) and then once in the building there are markings for social distancing, all students and staff regardless of age/grade are required to wear masks, and they handwash numerous times through out the day.  Mackenzie said the kids have been great in following the rules/procedures and we couldn't be happier.  

This pandemic has definitly made our entire relocation to North Carolina very different from what we had imagined but we are making the very best of it even our return to school!  



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