This past Friday was our BIG trip to Ann Arbor and Mackenzie’s Quarterly Check Up at Mott Children’s Hospital Rheumatology Department.  At her visit we were told that she is now considered in remission on medication.  This is great news!  It also means the decision has been made to completely stop her Enbrel.  YIPEE!!!!!  Yes, there was a lot of celebrating being done after hearing this.  It is a great feeling knowing she won’t have to endure her bi-weekly injections or her quarterly lab work.  Of course the happiest one of all was Mackenzie knowing she no longer has to have any “pokes”.

What all of this good news does not mean….well first of all her status right now is remission on medication.  In order to be in full remission she has to go all the way until April 2nd of 2017 without any return of symptoms to be considered in full remission.  That is a long time from now but yet it is also a lot shorter then the almost four years she has been battling this terrible disease.   It also means that she is not cured.  There is no cure for arthritis.  Even if she is able to achieve full remission, Mackenzie will still have arthritis in her body and will always have to live with the knowledge that it could come back at anytime.

We are very excited by the fact that Mackenzie is doing so well and has endured so many treatments, doctors visits, physical and occupational therapy, and lab work like a real super hero.  She is an inspiration to us and to many that she meets.  Remission or no remission she and the rest of the family will continue to work, advocate and fundraise for the Arthritis Foundation so that one day we will have that cure!



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