During the NCAA Basketball Tournament, it has become a tradition to fill out tournament brackets to see who can pick the most winners.

The 2020 Tournament begins on Selection Sunday - Sunday, March 15th with the First Tournament games being played on Thursday, March 19th and play continuing through until the Championship Game on Monday, April 6th.

Here's how it Works:

1. Sign up here: (

When do brackets have to be filled out?
*Between March 15 and Thursday March 19 at 12 noon ET.

The bracket will be updated with teams following selection announcements in the evening on Sunday 3/15.
The (4) play-in games on Tuesday and Wednesday are byes - no predictions required. Predictions are required only for the (63) games beginning Thursday, 3/19 at 12 noon ET.

Play-in game teams will initially be displayed together as 1-selection, until the winner is determined, at which time the losing team will be removed.

**Picks deadline is Thursday March 19, 2020 at 12 noon ET

2. Each bracket is $25 -- Remember, it's for charity :). You can pay by making a donation on our Team Walk Page
 (If a donation is not made by the Pick deadline on Thursday March 19, 2020 at 12 noon ET the bracket will not be eligible for the grand prize) *Not comfortable making an online donation? Please e-mail us at for other ways to make your donation.

3. Scoring: Will be updated nightly.

4. Points are awarded by round. 1 point for each correct pick in Round 1, 2 points for each correct pick in Round 2, 3 points for each correct pick in Round 3, 4 points for each correct pick in Round 4, 5 points for each correct pick in Round 5, 6 points for the correct Champion

5. Grand Prize: awarded the participant with the most points: $150 gift certificate to and a $100 VISA gift card.

Be sure to follow our Facebook event page ( and keep notifications turned on as well for a couple of mystery prizes that we'll unveil throughout the tourney.


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