Wow!  Can't believe it's been almost a full year since I last posted an update to this page.  I am so sorry for those that have followed this page that we haven't kept it up.  Ok, to be honest we were never really great at being consistent with updating but we also never left the page alone for a year either.  Well hopefully we can do better this year.

Speaking of year, not only is it a new year - Welcome 2022 - It is also year number 10 for Mackenzie and her battle with the disease and year number 10 of our relationship with the Arthritis Foundation.  

In some ways it's not a milestone we would really celebrate. I mean after all, who really celebrates 10 years of chronic pain, countless doctor visits, weekly and bi-weekly injections, daily oral medications and steroids, wheelchairs and missed activities and events, weakened immune systems, routine physical and occupational therapy and so much more. Not anyone I know.
What we do celebrate is our relationship with the Arthritis Foundation. Through the Arthritis Foundation we have found a community of caring and supportive people that we consider our family. We have met doctors, therapists, researchers, supporters and more that have helped us better understand this disease and have helped support and guide us as we have lived through the ups and downs of life with arthritis. It has given us hope that one day we may have a cure!
No one can truly understand what it's like to have arthritis unless they themselves have it or have lived with it. It is an invisible monster that robs people of their ability to do normal, daily tasks. It robs children of their childhood. It means suffering with pain that those around you just can't see but you battle through because you really have no other choice. It means getting up each day and putting a smile on your face whether you really feel it or not. It means being a Warrior and fighting back against the pain and hoping that one day there will be a cure!
You can help us get closer to that cure! We have lots of opportunities coming up this year that you can help support us in whether financially, physically in person, or a combination of both. There are even opportunities to help us advocate for better funding, resources, healthcare, and more. There are always lots of opportunties for you to help support and uplift Mackenzie and her battle with this disease and her dream for a cure!
Right now you can help by either joining us at this year's Walk to Cure Arthritis in Charlotte, NC in person on Saturday, April 23 at Truist Field or with a donation in her honor on her Walk to Cure page.
Register to Walk with us at this year's Walk to Cure Arthritis and join Mackenzie as she continues to fundraise and create awareness for this invisible disease. Join us at Truist Field in Charlotte on April 23 and Rock the Walk with us: Join Mackenzie's Sidekicks
or if you can't Rock the Walk with us in person consider making a donation in Mackenzie's honor on her Walk Page at: Donate to Mackenzie's Walk to Cure Page

Then stay tuned for more exciting opportunities coming soon including a March Madness Bracket Challenge and more info on the 2022 Walk to Cure Arthritis!  

Thank you Everyone for your continued support of Mackenzie through all of the ups and downs, information overloads and information lapses, good days and bad, no matter what.  You will never truly know the full impact your love and support have on her and our familly!

You're invited to join us to in Driving Away Arthritis in the 2021 Walk to Cure Arthritis.  Arthritis Warriors and their families, friends, sponsors, and community members are invited to join us for the Watch to Cure Arthritis Drive-In Movie Night. 

Drive by and meet our dedicated sponsors and vendors and watch a special presentation on the big screen from the Arthritis Foundation that will include our Honorees, Top Fundraising Teams, and more.  Then stay for a fun movie night!  
To register and join our team head over to one of our event pages by clicking on the location of choice link below:
Thank you as always for your continued support of Mackenzie and her dream of a cure for arthritis!!!
Black Popcorn Movie Night Invitation.png

We are excited to share our new online store!!!  To shop all of our fun and customizable items including glassware, shirts, collectibles, masks, and more visit As in the past, all proceeds are donated to the Arthritis Foundation to support their mission of advocacy, awareness and a cure!  We hope you enjoy your shopping!!!  


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October 12th is World Arthritis Day!!!!

It is also the day eight years ago we first heard the words, Mackenzie has Juvenile Poly-Arthritis and we were referred to a Pediatric Rheumatologist where a month later we received her full diagnosis.  Our lives have been forever impacted since that day eight years ago.  We have celebrated some very amazing ups and cried, screamed, and loved through some very big downs but through it all Mackenzie has proved that she is 100% Warrior!

Today on this World Arthritis Day, please take a few minutes to learn more about arthritis.  It's not just an old persons disease (300,000 kids in the US have been diagnosed with arthritis) and it's not just about achy joints.  There are so many types of arthritis and each one is different than the other and so is the treatment.  

Please take some time to do something kind for someone today as you never know what silent battles they are fighting and if you are able, please join our 2020 Jingle Bell Run team and Jingle with us this December where you are for a Cure!!!!  You can join our team or make a donation by following this link:




Wow!!! We are just $448 from our Team goal for this year's Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run!!!

We'd LOVE to have you "join us" this year and help us Jingle for a Cure!!!  Due to the pandemic this year's JBR will be virtual so you can participate where ever you are!!!  Your $35 registration fee goes directly to our team to support the Arthritis Foundation in their mission of awareness, education, advocacy, and research for a cure!

Join our team between now and October 15th and you will not only receive the exclusive 2020 Jingle Bell Run t-shirt featuring this guy pictured here, Jingles the official 2020 JBR mascot, along with a unique race medal and sticker you will also be entered to win a pair of JBR LuLaRoe leggings!!!

To join our team simply follow this link: and then click on Join Our Team

Let's All Jingle For A Cure