As of today we have 127 requests for recipes sent.  Some were sent via Facebook, others hand delivered, and the majority were mailed.  Now our hope is to receive the completed recipe forms no later then the middle of January so that we can get everything submitted to the publisher in time for a mid-March release date on the cookbook.

If you are interested in submitting recipes and did not receive a letter (some are still in route via USPS) please feel free to print out the recipe submission form that can be found under the files section of our website and mail it to us at:

Mackenzie’s Sidekicks, 700 Ross Rd, Norton Shores, MI 49441

A copy of the letter that was sent to everyone is also available in the files section.  At the bottom of the letter there is a reservation form for reserving copies of the finished cookbook.  If you are interested in reserving copies, please mail the slip in and we will be sure to reserve them for you.

At this time we are not positive what your purchase price of the cookbook will be, but we are anticipating the cost to be around $10 per book.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your treasured recipes with us and we look forward to sharing the finished project with all of you.  Be sure to check back often for updates on our progress as we will do our best to keep this updated with our status.

So exciting to go out to the mailbox and find envelopes addressed to Mackenzie’s Sidekicks and find them filled with recipes.  We have had several people mail their recipes in to us and we have begun the design of the cookbook.  As of now we are pretty certain that we have finalized the Cookbook Title, the overall style (soft cover, hard cover, binding style, etc.), the category dividers designs and the main page designs.

Thank you so much to everyone that have already sent in your recipes and for those still working on them we are anxiously awaiting your treasured recipes.  If you haven’t yet received a letter from us or aren’t on any of our current mailing lists and would like to participate in the cookbook or simply reserve yourself a copy of the cookbook, please look under the Files section of this website for more information.

Again, thank you everyone for your continued support!  The cookbook is getting off to a great start and we couldn’t do it without all of your help.

On Tuesday we reached out to several area television, radio, and newspaper supporters regarding the cookbook.  Our goal – to get a few more recipes from some area celebrities.  Well, as of this morning Mackenzie and I are scheduled to appear on the 5:00pm news broadcast on WZZM to talk about the cookbook and put out a call for more recipes.

We have to thank Val Lego at WZZM for reaching out with this great opportunity.  As any of our regular followers and supporters know, this cookbook is a very exciting project for us and now we get the opportunity to share it with an even greater audience all while we also get to continue to share Mackenzie’s story and her journey as she battles arthritis and we help to raise funds towards finding a cure.

As of today we have approximately 95 recipes.  We have room for plenty more.  If you have already sent your recipes we thank you greatly for your participation and we thank you for sharing your favorites with us.  For those of you still working on your recipes we will continue to anxiously await them.  And finally for those who are just learning about the project and are interested in participating, please click on the links tab to find the forms for the cookbook.

Thank you everyone and don’t forget to check out WZZM at 5:00pm or watch it streaming live at

We have received a lot of questions regarding the cookbook from when do we need to have recipes in by, when will it be available and the most commonly asked question how much is it going to cost? Well for all of you waiting for the answers, here you go:

Deadline for recipe submissions in Friday, February 6.

Cookbook availability- We anticipate receiving them the week of March 23rd

Cookbook cost – $10 per book plus $3 shipping and handling for any books that need to be direct shipped to you. For ordering and payment information please send us a message via our contact us tab at the top of the page.

Again, we thank everyone for their participation in the cookbook. As of today we have approx. 115 recipes.

We also hope you like the sneak peak we are offering at the cover. Thank you again for all of your support and please let us know if you have questions. We will do our best to answer.


Here is the link to our WZZM Interview  from earlier this evening.

Mackenzie was a bit overwhelmed by it all.  We arrived early and watched the great intro Val Lego gave on the 5p segment and then suddenly it was our turn.  I was suddenly putting on a microphone and we were headed to the set.  And as we approached, Val looks over at us and tells us we have 15 seconds.  Then as we stepped up onto to the set, we had just 10 seconds.  No sooner were we seated then we were on.  I think the lack of time to look around and the extremely bright lights were a bit overwhelming for Mackenzie.  But over all it went very well and we truly appreciate Val Lego and WZZM taking the time to do the interview and help us promote the cookbook.